Missed Call Service

Service Highlights

  • 10 Digit Mobile number of your choice
  • Customized Auto SMS Response
  • Email/SMS Notifications
  • Webhook API with ~1 Sec Forwarding
  • Web based Call Reporting
  • Incredibly Fast Support

Our Missed Call Alert Service Features

Not to mention, you'll have hands on experience with India's most beautifully designed Enterprise Messaging Panel with multiple services under one roof, Miss Call service being one of the product. You can receive Missed calls on our Virtually hosted mobile numbers, send automated responses, etc.

Our Miss Call Alert platform is the most feature-rich service at an affordable cost. Here are some of our additional features,

  • Capacity to handle large number of concurrent calls
  • Multi-channel for huge volume
  • 1800 Toll FREE numbers available
  • Fully Customizable as per your requirements
  • All @ Lowest pricing in industry - Price match Challenge!

Who can use

Business Owners

Business owners prefer to adopt the technical things that help them in interacting with the clients in a better way. The Toll Free Number provided by TechMonist can be used for effective client interaction at different stages of the business, including – Lead Genration, Help & Support and Feedback. This also offer ease of communication to the clients which also develop faith and confidence in them towards your business process.

Website Owners

The increasing web frauds and growing numbers of hackers have made it essential for the website owners to check the authenticity of the users registering at their site. TechMonist provides them secure yet easy-to-go platform to check the authenticity of the user. This way TechMonist also helps in security of your website and ensures only quality users get connected with it. Every mobile verification can be attached with one OTP.

Corporate Houses

The corporate houses believe in leaving big yet productive impact with each commercial step they take. Such massive impact cannot be generated without having connection with the masses. TechMonist provide them the opportunity cum platform to get connected or interact with large crowd. They can opt for TechMonist miss call services for multiple commercial purposes, like – survey, opinions, lead generation etc.

Software Developers

TechMonist respects the developers community as they are the one that convert the imaginary ideas into a technical reality or term it as an application in more realistic conduct. As a sign of enthusiasm towards them, we have developed TechMonist is such a way that it can be integrated with any application in an easy manner. Thus, developers can integrate TechMonist in their designed apps to turn them more interactive.