Our Methodology

Our methodology is aimed at ensuring that we have a complete understanding of your existing infrastructure and a clear focus on your business and budgetary requirements. We help you reduce expenses, streamline operations and ensure business continuity. We achieve this through listening our clients’ needs, being flexible and available, and adapting our new and cutting-edge technologies and global best practices to our clients’ specific environment.

Our methodology covers the following stages

  • Understanding Requirements: First, our team delves deep into our client’s business situation and requirements, obtaining a solid understanding of the issues that the client hopes to overcome by way of IMT’s products or services.
  • Requirement Analysis: Having obtained a complete 360 degree perspective on our client’s business situation and technical issues, our specialized Requirement Analysts analyze the client’s needs. They understand and document exactly what the client requires, keeping in mind the complexities and multiple levels of today’s business operations.
  • Initial Planning: After brainstorming and sifting out the most workable, innovative and business relevant solution, we begin outlining the basic framework of the project and planning out how to best approach its execution, including working out timelines and resource allocation.
  • Design Presentation: The visual aspect of the project is then designed by our team of talented graphic designers. Upon understanding the client’s visual requirements and preferences, they leverage their international standards of design practices and know-how to create the virtual face of the project.
  • Development: The product – be it a website, a software or any other service – is developed by our team of brilliant technical experts. At this stage, the actual product comes alive with technical precision and ground- breaking innovation.
  • Approval: The product is then presented to the client for approval, following which we carry out changes base on the client’s feedback to ensure 100% client satisfaction.
  • Delivery: Once the product has been revised and perfected, we deliver the final product to the client, ensuring that we meet the specified delivery deadline.
  • Support: Our relationship with the client does not end at the delivery stage, as the IMT team offers ongoing support for every issue that clients might encounter while using their new product.
  • Maintenance: To ensure that the product we have developed continues to run flawlessly, we carry out regular maintenance operations and system checks. This assures our clients that their business can enjoy uninterrupted benefits and profit from the product well into the future.