Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the practice of positioning a website to rank more outstandingly in the organic (or natural) results on the search engines, on keyword searches your target customers are using to shop for what you sell. It’s a complex, dynamic art, and not for the faint of heart. SEO is a longer-term investment than SEM, not often reaping rewards as quickly as a well-executed AdWords campaign can, but it can lead eventually to an endless stream of targeted traffic to your site, for free. Our team has experience in driving maximum exposure and sales through the search engines for a wide range of businesses online, and, just as importantly, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the ever-changing algorithms and white-hat SEO tactics to make sure that the gains we make for you are long-lasting. We optimize all on-page and off-page content, inbound link structure, technical site components and architecture, multimedia and multi-channel assets, and social-to-site integration, to bring you the most sophisticated, successful SEO rankings, results, and returns possible.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing (or pay-per-click marketing/PPC) is the art and science of advertising on Google and the other search engines (as well as their vast content networks). Depending on how a campaign is built and managed, and who’s building and managing it, SEM can be either a wonderful drain of your ad budget or the best asset your company will ever make. Our SEM team is the best in the business. Even if you’re already running AdWords and Bing campaigns, even if those campaigns are already turning a profit, we’re confident that our deep experience, unrivaled expertise, and close relationships with people inside the Googleplex, will bring you better profits on your pay-per-click investment than you’ve ever enjoyed before.

SEM Campaign Audits

Want to try before you buy? Our team will audit your current AdWords or Bing campaigns, free of charge, to uncover missed opportunities and areas of shattered spend, and to leave you without a doubt that you should be trusting your PPC program to us.