Send One Time Password

SendOTP is an OTP generating and delivering mechanism service provided by TechMonist, the best OTP service provider in India. Avoid complex integrations and employ hassle-free two factor authentication and mobile verification service just by copy-pasting a couple of codes. Once the codes are integrated, we'll generate and deliver One Time Passwords to your clients through our well-designed OTP SMS gateway. And if any OTP SMS doesn't reach in 2 minutes, we send a voice SMS on our cost.

How does Send OTP work?

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How much do we charge?

Only for SMS since it is powered by MSG91.And it’s our pride. Remember: If voice call is requested due to non-delivery of OTP text, pricing is on us.

What have we got?

Security is crucial but it doesn't have to be at the cost of losing a user. So you don't lose them! We have a Start 2-factor authentication facility. Guess what, in less than 2 minutes!

What exactly did we do?

We made enabling 2-factor authentication a cake walk! Now you get to secure your website/your App in 2 minutes by 2Fa (Mobile verification). We Will NEVER EVER let your end-user go Promise!