Technology We Use

TechMonist Software private Limited is a professional software company with PHP skills augmented by visual design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expertise. We create simple, easy to navigate layouts without compromising on the fundamental tenets of visual or functional design. Such a strategy has helped us in producing web portals and applications that stand apart and this has helped to identify us as a company that thinks out-of-the-box.

We have worked with a number of private, public and non-profit sectors which has given us diverse exposure in terms of understanding of needs, design pre-requisites and execution priorities.

Our Approach

With our novel approach that is based on a deeper understanding of the client’s requirements, we have adopted process driven methods that help us develop highly usable and funuctional designs. The nuances and subtleties of each of our design is directly related to the personality, corporate or other wise that one wishes to see. We ensure that our design and flow can help you connect with your prospect at an emotional level. Thus our interactive solutions give rise to a memorable and positive user experience.

User experience is the first, foremost and key differentiator!

In order to prospect effectively, one needs to be quick footed on the web. The abilities to convert and retain closely follow. We help you achieve both by allowing a right mix into our portal solutions. Our Intuitive navigational design and layout clarity increase your chances of establishing communication with the prospect at a higher plane. Such a reproduction reduces the mental effort that is required to understand the site content.

Our expertise in strategy, design and technology allows us to create business solutions that excite and inspire, are easy to navigate, and enable businesses to strengthen their competitive advantage.

LAMP Services

TechMonist has proven development experience in building applications using the LAMP (Linux, Apache,MySql,PhP) stack. We were the pioneers to introduce it to the Insurance vertical in India where acceptance means passing various levels of tests.

LAMP technology appears to be changing the world of software development at a faster, better, and cheaper pace with a broad impact and audience. Independent open-source software projects can merge into larger projects, which may then reach a critical mass of developers needed to obtain high growth rates in system functionality and quality. Currently, LAMP is seeing increasing adoption from enterprise clients. Furthermore, large transactional LAMP applications are already deployed at major companies including Facebook, Livejournal, Lufthansa, Sabre (Travelocity), Boeing, and Disney. Some of the advantages of using LAMP are listed below for your reference:

Advantages of LAMP

  • Lower cost – Open Source software is either free or low-cost compared to proprietary software
  • Greater flexibility – easy to work with and reliable
  • Faster improvement in the component technologies that enables to increase functionality and simplify information flow between them
  • LAMP technology runs on any type of hardware
  • MySQL is a fast, reliable and easy to use RDBMS that supports large databases
  • PHP is an open-source scripting language used to build
  • LAMP based applications can run on any Operating System
  • Portable, as scripts are being able to run on different platforms

From the performance measures analyzed by various organizations, it is clear and proven that the Total Cost of Ownership is reduced while using an Open-Source Software to implement the solution. To sum up we at TechMonist understand the Web 2.0 very well..We understand you even better.